Donate. It means the world to us and thousands of New Mexicans.


This education program is free and is offered by kidney doctors or advanced care practitioner with experience in kidney disease. It includes elementary and middle school programs encouraging young people to make healthy life-style choices.

Patient Assistance

The New Mexico Kidney Foundation assists patients along the path to getting their transplant by providing a Dental Scholarship to those who do not have insurance. The scholarship will be awarded annually to at least 12 patients who are awaiting a kidney transplant.


To educate healthcare providers, we sponsor an annual symposium for advancing the prevention of CKD and improvement of treatment for those with kidney disease.


We are working to make people aware of CKD, educating the public and medical professionals to prevent CKD and assisting those with CKD who need a transplant. Donations to Unrestricted will be applied where needed most.
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