12th Annual Southwest Nephrology Nursing Symposium

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Sponsored by New Mexico Kidney Foundation with

New Mexico Diabetes Advisory Council.

Ristra by Kim Romero

Photo Credit: Kim Romero

2020 Symposium Objectives:

  • Discuss lifestyle changes needed for hypertension management.
  • Recall prospective liver transplant requirements for patients with hepato-renal syndrome (HRS).
  • Identify two different technological advances with diabetes.
  • List two hurdles to overcome before an implantable kidney can enter human study research.
  • Recall two interventions that will prevent hospital readmission.
  • Identify a marker of diabetic nephropathy that identifies fast vs. slow progression.
  • List two research studies that could be implemented in your work settings.

2020 symposium brochure

12th Annual Nephrology Nursing Symposium 

Educational event.

Disclosures: Application for 8.0 CE credits has been submitted for; nurses, dietitians, physician assistants, social workers and community health workers. 

Attendees must attend the entire conference and submit evaluation to be awarded CE credits. Certificate will be handed out at the end of Symposium when evaluations received. 

PowerPoint presentations are available at nmkidney.org/2020PPNot all presentations will be available online. Those that are will be posted after the Symposium. 





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